Sulfate Free Shampoo 10 Oz

Sulfate Free Shampoo 10 Oz
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The Sulfate-Free Shampoo is the STEP 3 of the Hair Care System. It is especially designed to be used for the maintenance of the Formaldehyde-Free Keratin, Formaldehyde Keratin or Instant Keratin, or for daily hair care necessities. This product extends the duration of the straightening effects of the Keratin. This high quality Shampoo can be used by the whole family, even if any of the Magik Beauty hair care treatments have not being applied.



Cleans deeply while giving brightness and softness to the hair. This Shampoo is formulated for everyday use and for all hair types to nourish and hydrate intensely.



  Maintains and prolongs the effects of the Keratin treatment.

  Leaves hair shiny.

  Cleans deeply.

  Restores damaged and chemically treated hair.

  Can be used by all family member even children.

  It can be used by all hair types.

  Can be used even if any of the Magik Beauty hair care treatments have not been applied.

  It is created for daily use.




Apply STEP 3 Sulfate-Free Shampoo to wet hair.

Massage hair scalp.

Rinse with clear water.

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