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Clarifying Shampoo 10 Oz
Clarifying Shampoo ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The Clarifying Shampoo is the STEP 1. It is especi..
Straightening Keratin Treatment 10 oz
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The Formaldehyde-Free Keratin is the STEP 2 of the Hair Care System. It i..
Sulfate Free Shampoo 10 Oz
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:   The Sulfate-Free Shampoo is the STEP 3 of the Hair Care System..
Moisturizing Conditioner 10 Oz
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The Moisturizing Conditioner is the STEP 4 of the Hair Care ..
Keratin Treatment Kit (4)  Magik Beauty  10 Oz
Kit x 4 keratin treatment magik beauty 10 oz  Contains: ..
Leave In Maintenance Keratin-Protein 16 Oz
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:   This product prolongs the duration of the effects of the Forma..
Silk Treatment 1.75 Oz
Adds shine, softness and manageability to the hair. It is a reconstructing complex that works&nbs..
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