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The hair is made by cells, each of which contains macrofibrillas packaged. These microfribillas are form by Keratin. There are two types of keratin: alpha and beta, which are differentiated by their structure and components. Keratin type beta is inextensible, unlike Keratin type alpha, this last type is found among others in hair; but there is the possibility to transform the   alpha Keratin in beta Keratin by applying heat more moisture.

In this case the hair may even double its length. This happens when there is a brake of the hydrogen bridges and the helix polypeptide chains adopt a conformation beta, however the R-groups of Keratins are very bulky, which makes the beta-conformation to destabilized and soon adopt new conformation of the helix in which hair returns to its original length. With our product MAGIK PROTECTION KERATIN avoids that the beta Keratin destabilized soon and allows to have an straighten hair for approximately 2 or 3 month after its application.


High quality straightening treatment with awesome results :

  • Keratin Complex.
  • Water, Citric Acid.
  • Cetaryl Alcohol.
  • Cetrimonium Chloride.
  • Magik Protection, Dimethylene Isosorbide.
  • Allantoin, Apricot.
  • Rosemary Extract.
  • Glycerine, Chamomile.
  • Vit. B5 and Wheat germ.
  • Jojoba and Fragrance Oils.
  • Formaldehyde Free.


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