Capillary Treatment BX4HAIR Premium 8 Oz

Capillary Treatment BX4HAIR Premium 8 Oz
Capillary Treatment BX4HAIR Premium 8 Oz
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Capillary Treatment BX4HAIR


The Capillary Treatment BX4HAIR is the STEP 2 of the Hair Rejuvenation System. This product is a rejuvenator for the hair hydrating, revitalizing and giving manageability and pure shine to every strand of hair.


The mix of natural ingredients found in vegetables such as corn, oat, olive and other high quality elements make possible the rejuvenation effect of our Capillary Treatment BX4HAIR.


·            Easy application.

·            Immediate results.

·            Instant rejuvenated hair appearance.

·            Gives a radiant look.

·            Locks up hydrating oils and moisturizers in the hair.

·            Tames frizz and fly aways.

·            Repairs damaged hair.

·            This treatment can be applied at home or at a beauty salon.


1. Wash hair with Clarifying Shampoo 2 to 3 times ensuring hair is completely clean and free from all residues.

2. Dry hair with a towel, leaving it damp. Pour product into a bowl.

3. Divide hair into 3 sections.

4. Apply product section by section with a brush, starting from the back of the neck.

Apply product saturating the hair, wait 45-60 minutes for product to process. If hair is processed or blond leave 20 minutes only.

5. Rinse with plenty water until product has been completely removed.

6. Use Magik Beauty Sulfate Free Shampoo once. If hair is dry or damage, use Magik Beauty Conditioner on the ends to improve hair’s look.

7. Blow dry hair well. Divide hair into 3 sections, preparing it to flat iron.

8. Flat iron hair using a professional 450* flat iron. Make sure the cuticle layer is tightly sealed. (If hair is damaged or thin, reduce heat to 350*)


60 ml / 2 oz

247 ml / 8 fl. oz

1000 ml / 33.8 fl. oz

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